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Search how you think with our intuitive, blazing fast site search built right into your Real Estate Solution website. Your visitors will be able to go beyond traditional filters like address and MLS number, and instead can search your property listings for any features that are important to them, and can search multiple features together at the same time. Example: Toronto raised ranch, pool, detached garage They can also include their price range in their search, and it can interpret a number of different ways of listing their price range: Example: Ottawa condo, 200k-$300,000 With integrated site search, people who look for properties on your website don’t have to filter through dozens of listings to find the right ones - they can get to the homes for sale that fit their criteria right away. The search feature on your website will return instant and accurate results to your website visitors, allowing them to find the exact right properties for them, and increasing the chances of that visitor wanting more information and following-up about a property. Site search is available for a one-time setup fee of $150.00 + tax per year, and on ongoing cost of $150.00 + tax per year.


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Your integrated Site Search makes it easy for people to find the right properties with fast and accurate search results, intelligent searching, and up-to-date page listings.  

Lightning fast results
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