Agent Login & Intranet System

With a REALTOR® login and intranet system on your Real Estate Solution brokerage website, you get a valuable resource that allows you to work more effectively with your agents, distribute information, and assist your whole team in their sales efforts.

Your login and intranet system gives your agents immediate access to resources they need, including documents, reference materials, and other information, from wherever they are, all in one centralized location and on any device. These resources can easily be updated and accessed by the accounts that you designate, meaning you have total control over who can login and add to these materials.

Your REALTOR® login and intranet system can also be used to include only specific members of your brokerage on a website and give only a select group access to certain resources and leads. If you have a separate division of your brokerage, such as one that specializes in commercial real estate, you can use this system to designate specific members of that division and only give them access to the commercial real estate website leads and information.

Your brokerage’s realtor login and intranet system will be tailored to your specific use, with the sections, document types, and controls that you want put into place, and this system is just one of the many great features available to you with a brokerage website from Real Estate Solution. For more information about how we can help your brokerage support your sales efforts, contact us today. We will work to understand what your brokerage needs to assist in generating more leads, and will customize a solution specifically for you.