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Google Automation

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Keeping an accurate and up-to-date listing of your website is crucial for helping visitors find you when they’re searching for properties. With a Real Estate Solution website, every page on your website is submitted daily to Google, ensuring that there is always an accurate and current record of all of your listings, pages, and articles ready to be found when people are searching for real estate in your area.

Daily Google Automation is included as part of your Real Estate Solution website, and we will set it up so your records in Google are always accurate without you having to do anything. Setup of daily Google automation includes:

  • Creation and updating of your sitemap
  • Submission of your sitemap each day to Google
  • Website development in Google-friendly code

The more accurate the information Google has about your website, the easier it will be for potential clients to find you and your listings. For more information on how Daily Google Automation works and what it can do to help more new leads find you, contact us and we'll help you explore this and all the other features and add-ons available with a Real Estate Solution website.


Feature Attributes


Your Real Estate Solution website will be updated in Google each day to ensure that they always have the most recent version of all of your pages, and Google-friendly code helps ensure your website is indexed properly so more potential leads can find it.

Daily automation of all website pages
Google-friendly website code

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