Keyword & Metadata

Keyword & Metadata

Custom Language to Get You Ranked


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Manage every aspects of your website content and give people more ways of finding your Real Estate Solution website with the keyword and metadata manager built in to webOS, your Content Management System (CMS) that comes standard with every Real Estate Solution website.

Control how search engines look at your website and help them pick up the keywords and phrases that are important to you by adding keywords and metadata to your website. Edit your titles, keywords, and the descriptions that search engines store of your website to make it easier for people to find you.

Your keywords and metadata combine with having a website that’s written in Google-friendly code to help more people locate you when they’re searching for real estate in your area, and is just one of the ways that your Real Estate Solution website can help bring in more potential customers for you to convert into leads.


Feature Attributes


Your Keyword & Metadata Manager tool in webOS gives you more control over the ways that search engines index your website to help more people find you and generate more leads.

Control of metadata keywords, descriptions, and titles for each page

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