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With webOS, the Content Management System (CMS) included with your Real Estate Solution website, you can get real insights into how many people are visiting your website, what they’re searching for, and find out more about your audience. The Website Statistics tool goes beyond just numbers of hits and instead gives you real metrics for your website traffic.

In addition to just the total number of visitors your website received, you can also find out which pages were the most popular, what times of day saw the most traffic, how long they stayed on your website, and use historical lookup to compare traffic going back to the launch of your website.

You can also learn more about your audience with the integrated Website Statistics Tool included inside webOS, including where they’re from (country and city), what keywords and phrases they were searching for when they found you, what website they were looking at right before coming to yours and what pages they entered and exited your website on. All of this can help you learn more about what is driving traffic to your website so you can focus on meeting the needs of those potential customers.

Website Statistics are just one of the ways that your Real Estate Solution website can help you generate more leads. The more you know about what is bringing in website traffic, the more you can work towards getting building up your website to meet what people are searching for and bring in more leads.


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Your Website Statistics Tool will provide you with all of the information you need to track how your website is performing, how people are finding you, and where you audience is coming from.

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