September Special: Get 10% Off Select Yard Signs, Car Magnets and Postcards

Great looking, high quality real estate print materials are the perfect way to help attract new leads and leave a great impression on new and existing clients. From September 13th through September 30th, 2019, we’re excited to offer 10% off on print costs for select yard signs and postcards as well as 15% print for car magnets to help you grow your real estate brand at a great price!

10% Off Yard Signs

10% Off 4mm Thick Coroplast Yard Sign Printing 

These durable yard signs are available in a wide range of sizes and are perfect for getting attention for your:

  • Residential property listings (24” x 32” (inches))

  • Commercial property listings (24” x 32” (inches))

  • Sold Properties (24” x 32” (inches))

  • Open Houses (18” x 24” (inches))

  • Yard sign riders (6” x 32” (inches))

  • Custom sizes available! 

From September 13th through September 30th, 2019,, save 10% on print costs for your 4mm coroplast signs. Need a great design for your yard signs? We can help with that, too! To learn more or to get started, contact us today! 

10% Off Postcard Printing

Save 10% on Postcard Printing

Postcards let you reach new clients right in their mailbox, and during this special promotion you can save 10% on the cost of printing your postcards with Real Estate Solution. Postcards are great for advertising new listings, sold properties or special offers, and are available in sizes including:

  • 4x6 inches

  • 5x7 inches

  • 6x9 inches

  • Custom sizes available!  

We can also create a great-looking design for your postcards so you can be sure you deliver the right message and leave a lasting impression. To find out more, get in touch with us today! 

15% Off Car Magnet Printing

15% Off Car Magnet Printing 

A car magnet lets you brand travel with you wherever you drive. These durable magnets are a cost-effective way to brand your vehicle and be seen by new clients throughout your area, and during this special offer you can save 15% on the cost of printing your car magnet! 

Car magnets are available in many sizes to suit you, including:

  • 12x24 inches

  • 18x24 inches

  • 24x24 inches 

  • Custom sizes available! 

We can also design your magnet to make sure it looks great on your car. To get more information about getting a branded car magnet, talk to us today! 

Learn More About How You Can Save 10% on Print for Select Yard Signs and Postcards, and 15% Print for Car Magnets

To find out more about saving 10% on print costs for your postcards and 4mm coroplast yard signs as well as 15% print for car magnets from September 13th through September 30th, 2019 and about all of our available real estate branding and print services, contact Real Estate Solution. We offer a complete lineup of services designed to help agents, teams and brokerages reach more new leads and build their brand. 


**Offer valid from September 13th through September 30th, 2019**