Reach a Large, Targeted Audience


What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click marketing gets your ads displayed for customers who are searching for relevant keywords and phrases for your business, directing them back to your website. It’s an intelligent form of marketing that makes sure that your message is being delivered to potential customers in Google who are looking for real estate terms that match your business.


Here are the Advantages of Using PPC:

Pay-Per-Click is direct, flexible, and effective! Built around your budget, we'll help you design a powerful Pay-Per-Click campaign.


Your Message Delivered to Your Customers

Your custom Google Adwords ads are delivered directly to users who are searching for real estate based on the locations, keywords, and phrases that are relevant to you.


Complete Flexibility

The budget for your ads are flexible to suit your needs, and can be changed to target the areas and search terms that make sense for you. As your business grows, you can grow your budget.

outstanding reach

Outstanding Reach

Your ads can be delivered in Google search results as well as on other websites that deliver Google ads, and we can customize where you ad is seen.

display and search

Display and Search Ads

With PPC, your ads can be text that’s delivered in search results, or display ads that include your brand and message on websites that deliver Google display advertising.

mobile and desktop

Mobile & Desktop Ads

No matter what device people are searching from, your PPC ads can reach them. With mobile ads, you can include a phone number so they can call you directly from the ad, and display ads will be formatted to fit almost any device.

bring leads

Bring Leads to Your Website

Your PPC ads will direct back to any page on your website that you want, helping users easily get more information and helping to turn them into leads as they contact you.