Go Social

Go Social, Get Leads!

Reach more leads with Go Social from Real Estate Solution.


An agent’s social presence is quickly becoming the number one tool used to generate leads. If you’re not using social media to effectively reach potential buyers and sellers, you could be losing out on a large market.


Go Social is a powerful solution by RES, harnessing multiple social media platforms to get you more leads! Go Social helps you push your social impact, letting you develop a strong social presence that successfully conveys your brand and message.


With Go Social, you get:


  • Everything included in Starter

  • A powerful website to showcase yourself and your listings

  • Design of a social media Promotional Ad to capture your target market

  • Advertising on any social media service, built around your budget

  • Two Business Facebook Tabs to integrate your website with social media

  • Detailed ad performance report every month


Advertising is a powerful tool, necessary for the success of any business. Real Estate is no different, but partnered with a powerful social media presence, your marketing can be more effective at bringing in leads.This is why we design a professional ad that promotes your brand and message, using any social media platforms you want. Go Social targets your desired demographics, making each dollar spent more effective at generating leads. If you are looking for social media marketing outside of the Go Social solution, click here.


With Go Social, you get two Business Facebook Tabs built right into your Facebook page, highlighting your listings! These tabs seamlessly integrate your website with your social media presence. We can also design you Business Facebook Tabs outside of the Go Social solution. Click here for more information.


Go Social also helps you determine the next step in your business development. Analytics of your social media advertising are shared with you, allowing you to decide on continuing your social media advertising, or use your resources elsewhere, such as our SEO or Pay-Per Click Advertising services. To see more about services we provide, click here.


If you're looking to Go Social, and get leads, contact us below!