Start your online presence off on the right foot with Starter


Your online presence is an important aspect of your Real Estate business, especially when it comes to generating leads. But where do you begin if you don’t already have a strong online presence? Starter, by RES, is a robust web solution that gets you started off the right foot.


Starter also grows as you grow! Because of its scalable software, Starter has unlimited potential to become anything you want it to be. As you add the bricks and mortar of your business, you will never have to re-pour the foundation again. Do you want to add a custom app? No problem! Want to change the entire look without paying to recreate the site? Go ahead!


With Starter, you get:


  • A powerful website that AUTOMATICALLY integrates your listings

  • Customizable design templates to help you get the look you want

  • Robust lead generating tools embedded into your website

  • A scalable solution that grows as your business grows

  • Access to WebOS, a powerful backend CRM and content management tool

  • High-speed, dedicated hosting


You may not have a well defined direction for your online presence, but with customizable design templates, Starter helps you get off on the right foot, eliminating the worry of how to begin. RES also offers full branding to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for logo, print, and image design, check out our branding service for more information.


Included in Starter are tools that help solidify potential clients into leads. Tools such as Automated Property Listings, Mortgage Calculator, Find My Dream Home, and New Listing Notification are just a few of the lead generating tools included. Using these, potential clients visiting your site will have all the necessary resources for contacting you.


You may be just starting out, or dipping your feet into a more powerful web solution for the first time, but you won’t be green for very long. With Starter, you have a solution that grows as you grow. The backend software is completely scalable, allowing you to add, change, or remove anything you’d like, without paying for a brand new website.


Starter also comes with access to WebOS. WebOS gives you the power to change the content on your site at anytime, and can be used to organize your leads and responses. As you add more features to your site, WebOS will allow you to manage them as well, all from one easy to use platform!


Start generating leads and building a strong online presence today! Contact us below for more information.