Turn-Key Website, Business Facebook Tabs, High Speed Dedicated Hosting

Close more leads!

Closer brings you to the next level of lead generation with a professional online presence! Like all of our solutions, Closer is a package of services specifically selected to help you succeed!

Closer is the perfect solution to push you to the next level! It includes all of the tools necessary for a Real Estate Professional, while also adding on services that help you excel.

With Closer, you get:

  • Our powerful Turn-Key Website that AUTOMATICALLY integrates your listings
  • Two (2) Business Facebook Tabs that integrate your website into Facebook
  • Four (4) Support Hours to be used any way you want
  • Access to WebOS, a powerful backend CRM and content management tool
  • High-speed, dedicated hosting

To keep you focused on generating business, Closer comes with our Turn-Key Website, giving you a strong starting point to launch your online presence! Your website will automatically integrate your listings, giving you a powerful lead generating hub. Your site also comes loaded with all the lead generating forms we have to offer, such as; Automated Property Listings, Mortgage Calculator, Find My Dream Home, and New Listing Notification! Find out more about our Turn-Key Websites here.

Closer also exploits the power of Facebook to create a more robust solution for your Real Estate Business. With Closer, you get two (2) Business Facebook Tabs that integrate your website directly into Facebook! Customers can like, share, and find more information seamlessly between your website and your social presence. Find out more about our Business Facebook Tabs here.

Included in Closer are Support Hours that can be used for a wide range of services offered by RES. You can use your Support Hours for the design of your next advertising campaign, or to help you write what's important. The options are endless!  Find out more about our Support Hours here.

Our pre-designed Solutions may not fit your business plan, and you may need something more tailored. Check out our Build Your Own to get started in designing a Solution that fits you!

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