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Lead Generation

You have created a website that you are proud to represent you.
Now drive maximum traffic to your site with LeadGen!

Advertising through social media platforms is an effective way to generate more leads. Real Estate Solution can design an effective social media marketing campaign that fits your budget and reaches your target demographic!

We have three types of social media marketing campaigns to choose from:

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Reach customers you would have never been able to reach before

Product specific and Promotional ads. Product ads promote a specific product in your portfolio, while Promotional ads help educate the market about you, your services and your approach to your business.

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Be your customers' go-to, when they are buying or selling.

Google Advertising (Pay-Per-Click marketing) gets your ads displayed for customers who are searching for relevant keywords and phrases for your business, directing them back to your website. It's an intelligent for of marketing that makes sure that your message is being delivered to potential customers in Google who are looking for product terms that match your business.

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With Real Estate Solution support, we help you promote properties to get the sale, before anyone else can.

Support offers you a set number of hours to be used how you like. Most commonly, support is used to organize content and design creative for all media, print material and online marketing and for website updates and changes.

The soundest strategy is a combination of all three advantages.

Social Media Marketing, Google Advertising, and Support to maximize your Budget dollars and bring Results!

Real Estate Solution will consult with you to build an effective marketing strategy!