Why We Don’t Use WordPress

While WordPress is an extremely popular content management platform, at Real Estate Solution we do not use it for any of our real estate websites. Even though a number of other companies use WordPress’ readily-available templates and plugins to sell real estate websites, we instead use a custom platform for all of our website developments. and there are a number of reasons why we work this way.  

Security is paramount to us in our development and website hosting, and WordPress has a number of known security issues. Being the most popular CMS on the internet, more people also target WordPress specifically for malicious activities and for discovering its weaknesses. We want to make sure that your data, including website content and information about your leads, is always kept secure, so we instead use a secure and scalable framework that is continuously updated to respond to the latest known security threats. There are also security vulnerabilities that can come with many of the third-party templates that are available for WordPress.

Why We Don't Use WordPress for Real Estate Websites

Scalability is another issue with WordPress. Adding new features to your website without redeveloping can be extremely difficult if a plugin does not already exist for it, and in many cases you would have to start your development over in order to integrate certain features. This is not the case with a Real Estate Solution website - thanks to all of our websites being custom developments, we can easily add on more features, pages, and design changes as your needs change, and you don’t have to start from scratch with a new website.  

In terms of website design, WordPress is limited by the availability of templates. While there are a lot of templates that are there for you to choose from, if you want a truly unique design that’s customized entirely based around what you’re looking for, WordPress can’t easily offer that. Instead, for our custom designed websites, we work with you to create a design that matches exactly the look, messages, and details that suit you, and then develop your website once the design is in place. We can also make changes down the road if you decide to add more or change the look, all without needing a new website.

These are just a few of the reason why we custom design and develop our Real Estate Solution websites rather than relying on WordPress for them. To learn more about how we use custom development on both our turnkey and custom real estate solution websites to provide you with a better experience, contact us today.