Exclusive Listings System

There are times when you want to go above and beyond traditional listings to offer your clients something more and help bring more attention to your properties for sale. Whether it’s because you need a property up more quickly than with automation services, want to highlight a property that is not being listed on MLS® or just want to expand on what details you’re providing about your listings, the Exclusive Listing System from Real Estate Solution. Whether for an agent or a brokerage, the Exclusive Listings System can help you do more with your real estate website.

While DDF® and IDX® property automation gives you properties added to your website fast, sometimes you need a property available on your website right away. With the Exclusive Listings System you can add properties to your website instantly, formatted just like they would be if they were automated to your website and with no waiting. These listings will appear right alongside your other properties so users will find them while they’re searching for homes on your website, and you can easily go back and edit details of an exclusive listing as needed or remove it or leave it when the property gets automated.

The Exclusive Listings System - Add a listing as soon as you get it

The Exclusive Listings System is also a great way to list a property that isn’t going to be distributed through MLS®. If your sellers want to control how much exposure a property gets but you still want to have a resource available to send prospective buyers to, the Exclusive Listing System can give you an outstanding and easy-to-setup listing for your property that is available only on your website.  

When you add a property using the Exclusive Listings System, you can go beyond the traditional details of adding a listing and include as much information as you need to. You can add extra photos, media, links and more right in the listing to give buyers more information and help to generate more interest in your listings.

This system is easy to use - just add your property details right through webOS, the same content management system that allows you to manage your website content, and fill out the details of your property on the form. The system will automatically format your listing to give it a clean and professional look.  

To learn more about the Exclusive Properties System and how it can help you highlight your homes for sale on your website, contact us today. We can help you discover this and other features and add-ons with a Real Estate Solution website that can help you bring in more leads and drive sales for your real estate business.