DDF® Listing Automation in Canada from Real Estate Solution

DDF® Listing Automation on your website provides you with up-to-date, detailed property listings from your board that update each day and include all of the details you need to help people find the right residential, commercial, and agricultural properties with ease.

DDF® Listing Automation is included as part of every Real Estate Solution website for Canadian agents and brokerages, and can display properties for the board(s) that you want to include. This means that whether you want to include properties from just one region or have multiple regions included on your website, you can have those automated each day for you.

With DDF® property listing automation, you have access to all of the listings for your region, not just your own. Your listings will be given top priority along with your brokerage’s listings, but you will have all of the homes, commercial properties, and agricultural land for sale in your region included in your listings. This means that whether you’re a top producer or just starting out and don’t have many listings, you can still present your clients with all of their options for properties for sale and make a great impression.

Your automated property listings also make it easier for you to focus on the types of real estate and areas that are important to you. Your website can include specialized sections to display properties from particular geographic areas that you specialize in, along with a focus on the types of properties you want to focus on. This means that if you deal mainly with commercial or agricultural real estate, we can filter your automated properties to make sure that those types of listings are the focal point for your website visitors. This can help you to bring in more leads based on your specific real estate niche and connect with clients who are looking for the properties that you specialize in without excluding other properties on your website.

We offer 100% coverage in Canada for properties through DDF® - to learn more, see MLS® Coverage.

To learn more about DDF® Property Automation with a Real Estate Solution website, contact us today. We can help you learn more about all of the advantages that this feature has to offer, as well as the other great services and solutions we have available to help you increase your exposure, present yourself in a professional and consistent manner, and bring in more leads.