Get a FREE SSL Certificate for Your Real Estate Solution Website

An SSL certificate is a great addition to any website that provides several advantages to you and your website visitors, including making data sent through your website more secure, giving users more confidence in using your website and giving you a boost in your Google ranking.

As part of our efforts to provide our customers with the best real estate websites and services for agents, teams and brokerages, we are proud to announce that all Real Estate Solution websites are now being provided with a FREE SSL certificate. Whether you’re a new customer or have been with us for years, we’re pleased tooffer you this upgrade for your website at no cost. 

Give yourself an SEO boost and protect yourself and your clients with a secure website

Why You Want an SSL Certificate for Your Real Estate Website

The main advantage of an SSL certificate is that it provides you and your website visitors with a greater level of security. Information sent through your website, including information sent through your contact form, property forms and lead capture forms, will be transferred securely, protecting it from being seen by a third party.

An SSL certificate also gives visitors to your website a greater level of confidence that the data they sent through your forms is secure. They will easily be able to see in their browser that the website is secured both through a padlock icon in the address bar and through seeing https in the website URL. When a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, many browsers give users a warning that the website may not be secure - with this free addition to your Real Estate Solution website, you don’t have to worry about losing traffic because of a notification like this.

Besides protecting your data and giving your website visitors peace of mind, an SSL certificate also provides your website with an SEO boost. Google gives secure websites a slight increase in their rankings, helping your website to place higher than competitors who don’t have an SSL certificate yet.

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Learn More About Getting a Free SSL Certificate for Your RES Website

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