CREA DDF Outage on August 30th, 2022

On Tuesday, August 30th, CREA experienced an outage to their DDF service that is used to distribute property listings to your website. All boards across Canada starting with the letters L through Z were affected.

This outage caused all listings on affected websites that use DDF to be removed the next time they attempted to update. Losing all listings temporarily due to this issue would have a negative impact on leads, SEO, ads that bring users to your website and more.

Our monitoring systems picked up this issue shortly after it occurred, and our development team worked after-hours to roll back your website listings to the last full update so you continued to have properties on your website during this outage. Shortly after CREA resolved the problem, we ran an update to get your website listings back up-to-date without having to wait for the next scheduled time to check for new listings.

We are committed to ensuring your website continues to work its best for you, and to protecting your SEO and ability to use it in your marketing even when there is an issue that is outside of our control.

Thank you for choosing us as your real estate website provider.