Turnkey Website

Turnkey Website

The Perfect Starting Point for Your Online Presence


What is our Turnkey Real Estate Website?


A Turnkey Website from Real Estate Solution is the perfect way to start building your online presence. Your Turnkey Website will give you a professional look that represents your brand, and provides you with powerful lead generation tools to help you do more. Plus, your Turnkey Website gives you a strong foundation that can grow as your business grows, letting you incorporate new features, pages, designs, and more, all without having to start from scratch.

Your website will be created from one of our scalable templates. We'll include your logo, colour scheme, and photo, and custom code the backend to ensure that it’s fast, secure, and scalable. All Real Estate Solution websites include dedicated high-speed hosting to make sure that your website visitors get a fast and smooth experience, even during peak hours! You'll never lose a lead because of a slow and frustrating website.


Essential Services

Your Turnkey Website includes a number of essential services. These provide visitors with all of the information they need, and helps you convert them into leads! These include:


Listing Automation from DDF/IDX

All properties from the board(s) of your choice will be automated to your website daily.

Lead Management Tools

Get all of the tools you need to manage the leads you receive through your website so you never miss an opportunity to pick up a new client.


We will work with you to find out what your messages are and design a website around what you want! We always provide options so that you can choose the design that fits you best.

Content Management System:

Update your website with the latest information, news, and articles about real estate and let people learn more about you with our easy to use, tailored content management system.


Your website can easily grow to accommodate new features, designs, and pages that you want to add, meaning your Custom Real Estate Solution website can grow as your business grows with no need to start over.

Google-Friendly Code

Your website will be written in Google-friendly code, meaning that it’s easier for Google to find you and place your website in search results for the keywords and terms that your potential clients are searching for.

Responsive for Any Device, Browser, and Operating System

Your website and all of its features can easily be used on any device (mobile, desktop, and tablet), browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and more), and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Website Setup

We will take care of setting up your website and all of its features, including designs, photos, forms, your CMS account, and more so you can focus your time on growing your real estate business.

Key Features

Your Turnkey Website will include a number of key features that make it easier to generate leads and navigate your website. These include:


Lead Forms

Capture leads with the fast and easy forms across your website, including Quick Contact Forms, Request More Information forms, Free Home Evaluation, and more. These forms don’t require users to login or use a code, and provide you with the date, time, and page they filled the form in from.

Browse on Map

Let users search for properties directly on a map of your region, and filter the results by city/town, price range, building type, and more, making it easier for them to find the right properties in the right locations, and contact you for more information.

Social Integration

Visitors will be able to Like, Share, Pin, and Tweet directly from your property listings, and comment using Facebook right on the page, creating more interaction with your listings.

Blog/News Section

Add articles with information, videos, photo galleries, and more to keep your clients informed on the latest developments in real estate, your latest events and promotions, and even post articles about properties before they’re listed anywhere else.

Integrated Website Statistics

Easily view a wide range of website statistics through your content management system to find out more about the number and location of your visitors and track changes to your traffic over time.

Testimonials Module

Add testimonials from your satisfied buyers and sellers and have them display directly on the homepage so more people can learn about the quality service you’ve delivered for your clients.

Listing Brochure

Get a downloadable, branded, and up-to-date listing brochure PDF automatically generated on every property listing on your website. This is perfect for letting your website visitors get a portable copy of your listing, or for you to send directly to potential clients.

Browsing Options

Your website includes several options to narrow down a property search, including searching by price, bedrooms/baths, property type, building type, and more. This makes it easier for people to narrow down the listings to the exact properties that interest them and saves them time.

Mortgage Calculator

As a tool integrated directly on your website, the mortgage calculator allows user to start projecting what amount they could qualify for when they apply for a mortgage. This can help them start to narrow down their home search and help them move forward with buying a house.

Search by Town/City

Allow visitors to browse properties directly by city or town to narrow down the listings to the exact areas that interest them.


Popular Add-Ons


There are many great add-ons that are also available to help you do even more with your website, giving you even more chances to generate leads. These include:

Integrated Search

Get a smart, intuitive, and fast search built right into your website that lets people easily find properties by any detail or feature that matters to them.


Get a professional, unique brand to represent you as a real estate professional online and in all of your marketing materials.

Live Chat

Chat with visitors right on your website to give them fast answers to any questions they have, and capture new leads directly through Live Chat.

Email Marketing

Keep in touch with all of your clients directly in their inbox and bring them your latest news and events. Plus, get an integrated opt-in form right on your website to let people join your mailing list quickly and easily.

Facebook Tabs

Let people view your properties or other website pages directly from your Facebook Business page with Effortless Facebook Tabs, and get ‘LIKES’ and ‘SHARES’ right on your listing pages.

Facebook Websites

Get all of your listings, information, and tools right on Facebook without having an external website, and get social interactions right on your Facebook website.

Lead Generation

Get a comprehensive, ongoing plan to bring you more leads, including online marketing, support, and social media services based around your goals and the messages you want to bring to your clients.