To begin, first log in to webOS.

  1. Welcome to webOS, this is what your page will look like after your have logged in. Your logo will appear as a watermark in the centre of your page.

  2. On the top menu, this is the Toggle fullscreen button. Click this button to enter and exist full screen mode.

  3. Next is the Reload WebOS button. Click this button to refresh your page. You will be asked to confirm as any unsaved changes will be lost.

  4. This is the View the website button. This allows you to view your live website, with the changes you have made.

  5. This is the Active windows button. Click this button to show you how many windows you have open, click to open.

  6. Next is where you would see Your Account Name. Click to see Account Settings and Logout.

  7. On the side menu is where you'll find the categories Accounts, Website, Tools, and Help. Click each to open up more options.

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