Once you have logged in to webOS, please follow these steps.

  1. On the side menu, click Website, and then Utilities.

  2. Then click Leads. This will open your Leads window where you can find a list of your leads with their information.

  3. The Copy button can be used to copy information to your clipboard.

  4. The Print button allows you to print the list of your leads

  5.  The Save button allows you to save your list of leads as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

  6. The Reload data button allows you refresh and reload and new information on new incoming leads.

  7. The Show / hide columns buttons allows you to adjust what information from your leads you would like to see on your list.

  8. You can view more information and edit each lead by clicking the contact icon.

  9. This will open a new window where you can view and enter more information about the lead. Here you can add notes, add files, mark as junk, add to mailing list (if set up), remove or update your lead.

  10. You can also click on the IP address to see where your lead came from. This will open a new window with a map and IP address information.
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