Once you have logged in to webOS, please follow these steps.

  1. On the side menu, click Website, then click Content.

  2. Then click News (or Blog, depending on what you have on your website). This will open up your News window where you can view, edit, and add news/blog posts.

  3. To edit an existing news/blog post, click the document icon on the left

  4. This will open a window where you're able to edit your news/blog post. Once you have finished making changes, click update. To delete the post entirely, click remove.

  5. To create a new news/blog post, click new.

  6. This will open a new window where you're able to enter a new news/blog post.
    Title: Enter the title of your post here.
    Short Description: This is the text that you will see below the post thumbnail, a preview of the post.
    Body: Enter your content here. You can also insert images and links.
    Viewable Online: You can schedule your posts and choose the date and time that the post will be live on your website.
    Priority: This is an option tool that allows you set the order of your posts. Enter a number between 1 and 999999. The higher the number, the higher the priority.
    Keywords: Enter keywords related to the post for easy search on the topic.
    Don't forget to click create when you're finished.
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